Birth of a winery

Nacimiento de una bodega

101 winegrowers unite to save their vines. In 1995 there was hardly half a dozen hawthorns Gordoncillo (León), and viticulture was dying ...

During this year and the first months of 1996, a group of winemakers came up with the idea of converting these old unproductive vineyards and scattered in a concentrated and profitable vineyard that would allow the establishment of population in the area.

The April 22, 1995 GORDONZELLO SA was incorporated under the legal form of a corporation with the support of 101 members, who provided 305 acres of land. Between 1996 and 1998 was carried out in a planting area of ​​205 hectares modern and technically ready to be machined.

In 2002, there was the birth of the new winery. This initiative has definitely regained Gordoncillo wine past.

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