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Gordonzello offers all forms of payment more comfortable and safe for the customer is not endangered at the time you place your order and pay it . Within these forms of payment are :

Credit Card:

This payment system is the most common and accepted by all consumers. It's almost safer to use in traditional commerce . For your safety and peace of mind , all information provided in this form of payment, as can be the card number , expiry date and validation code, is encrypted under the Secure Socket Layer ( SSL) protocol to ensure the highest security thereof , and may not be intercepted in the process of buying the net.

Paypal :

Allows sending and receiving money through internet , quickly and safely. The methodology is easy , having to register for free at their web . With this record advantages are obtained as periodic payments , payments from a bank account , or even the money is deposited in your own how many Paypal. This type of payment is a small cost in the form of commission for trade, but not to consumers who have purchased online . It's quick and safe as not sent at any time to trade the financial information or credit card .

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