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The Grape

Prieto Picudo

Clusters: Small in size, conical, high compactness, very short peduncle and with the formation of two shoulders on the sides of each cluster.
Berries: Small, with an acuminate profile, very uniform in the bunch, with a tendency to dehydrate. Of black-bluish epidermis.
Pulp: Non-pigmented, soft, juicy, with aromas of slightly ripe and herbaceous fruits.
Strains: Of little vigor, with lying down. Desborre and maturation of half station.
Oenological Potential:
• Produces very sweet juices and high intensity dyes with cherry red tones and violet reflections.
• Very aromatic with intense fruity and high acidity.
• Traditionally it has been used for the production of young and rosé wines with needle point and very aromatic.
• Provides excellent quality breeding reds.


Cluster: average length 11 cm.
Berries: elliptical shape, yellowish green, bright and translucent. The pulp is juicy, sparsely colored and flavored with muscatel. Most berries carry one or two seeds and the average weight of these is 0.028 gr.
Leaf: medium density of lying hairs, weak or very weak pigmentation forming a border on the edge of said limb. The adult leaf has pentagonal limb, petiolar sinus slightly open, with the base in the form of V; lateral sinuses of medium depth or not at all deep, with the base in V and sometimes in U.
Oenological Potential:
• It is characterized by a sweet, muscatel, and herbaceous taste. It easily reaches 14 degrees, preserving a fresh acidity with floral and citrus aromas.
• Grape sweet taste, muscatel and herbaceous type, very aromatic with floral and citrus memories. & nbsp; Balanced acidity.
• Traditionally it has been used for the elaboration of young wines although at present it presents excellent results for its aging in barrel.

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